Lessons Learned Server Version 2.8.0 Released

A new release has been published (version 2.8.0)

The following changes took place:

– 10 free Users instead of 3 free users with some limitations
– Multiple File Uploads are now supported.
– Removed popup window when posting a new comment and applied an inline commenting within the same page
– Added a “Copy Page Link” feature to be able to link to different pages.
– WYSIWYG Editor has been restructured and now allows changing font sizes, font selection as well as adding many shortcuts to the toolbar.
– Added some keyboard shortcuts for code in-lining and ‘pre’ formatting.
– Fixed SQL injection attack vulnerabilities
– Optimizied CSS and JS loading and caching for faster page load times.
– Fixed firefox bug when adding comment.
– Removed Email notification feature from settings, since a new module will be available in upcoming releases.

You can download the latest release from:


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