Lessons Learned Server Version 2.9.0 Released

A new version of Lessons Learned Server has been released – Version 2.8.7.

The following changes took place:

1. PHP 7 is now fully supported, all deprecated issues were resolved successfully.

2. Allowed videos from youtube to be embedded by allowing iframe tags in content.

3. File name sanitization now takes place for uploaded files to protect from any security concerns.

4. Used a strike through style for deleted spaces.

5. Added Database Diagnostics to check if a database is accessible or not.

6. Installer Look & Feel changed.

7. [Feature] Document File Versioning is now implemented.

8. [Feature] Added UTF-8 support and validation.

9. [Feature] Upgraded to Lucene version 5.4.0

10. Enabled https for several pages (admin-directories.php and email settings)

11. Added the option to sort content by Date modified or Date created in the search page.

12. Many Bug Fixes, Optimizations and Improvements.

13. Secure parsing of posted content.

You can download the latest release from:


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